Finishing what is started.

Philosophically speaking, the biggest secret to success in any endeavour is a simple matter of showing up. That is showing up day after day and doing the things that you are supposed to be doing until you succeed. Sounds rather simple, and it is really.


This is where philosophy and the real world come into conflict. It may seem like a simple proposition to start with, but things always seems to crop up. As a writer, there is an entire smorgasboard, (yes, a whole one smorgasboard) of distractions that may prevent you from showing up in front of your computer and writing.

“I’ll do it later.”

“I’m a little tired right now.”

“I’m not even close to the deadline.”

Procrastination kills. It is your enemy. It kills your book one slow death at a time. Kill it before it kills you! It may seem like  nice fluffy furry fun at the time, but you will always regret time lost. It is to this end that I have thought of a few ideas to spirit on my creative endeavours, to get into the rhythm of writing, to get in front of my PC every day and write. After all, there’s more than one way to skin a cat. (Although a practical analysis of the different ways is yet to be investigated.) That’ll show fluffy what’s what.

Method one: Public Guilt.

You’ll notice on the footer of the blog an interesting statistic. That is where I will be keeping track of my progress on a daily basis. Now I can already see in my mind’s eye the idea of cheating this system, but it will have to rely on my honesty for the time being. Terry Pratchett once remarked that he writes a little every day, even if it was only a few hundred words. It must work for him as he has published, on average two novels a year for a total of 68 books by my count. Isaac Asimov even more, quite a lot more actually. When asked what he would do if he only had a month left to live, Isaac reportedly answered “Write faster.”

Method two: Finding a Critique Group.

I’m guessing if you have mini deadlines for new content to show to people on a shorter time-frame, such as a weekly critique group, new content would be written in no short order. That’s the theory anyway. Worth a go I guess. Now I just need to find a Critique Group. Deviant Art’s paid service could serve this purpose, but for some reason, not many comments seems to flow by apart from monosyllabic exhalations from time to tome, so there goes that idea. I’ll keep an eye out and update with news.

Method three: I’ll think of something later.


Mission: Improbable

I’ve never really been able to accept the world as it is. Go to school, study hard, get a job, get a wife, die. I have been looking at the world through the eyes of the generations before me, blinkered, afraid, not daring the risk, and I’ve not fit in at all. You can say: “It’s just a phase.” You can say: “He’ll grow out of it.”

I’m 28.

The same age as Curt Cobain when he died. The same age as Amy Winehouse, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, and quite a few other influential musicians. I am the same age as them, and not dead yet. What do I have to show for it? A finished high school diploma, a half-finished degree, I had a 9 to 5 job I hated and half-way to a wife. Half way dead at 28.

I’m a little below average height, a lot above average weight, and male pattern baldness is running rampant through my genes. What future can I possibly create from here? What can I do to escape the tailor made hell I have prepared for myself? What can I do to live that life less ordinary, the road less traveled, as Robert Frost proclaims?

Well, I quit my job. Now I am 28, a little below average height, a lot above average weight, male pattern baldness running rampant through my genes, and unemployed.

This blog, is my journey down the road less travelled.